CRP, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

No.1 IAS Preparation coaching institute in Odisha.


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07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Saturday

Join VANIK-IAS, Odisha's no 1 institute to prepare UPSC and OPSC Examination. We have expert faculties from New Delhi. Join now, limited seats available.


Here you can download all IAS

17th to 23rd Jun. 2019 download
20th to 26th May 2019 download
29th Apr to 05th May 2019 download
22nd to 28th Apr 2019 download
15th to 21st Apr 2019 download
01st to 07th Apr 2019 download
25th to 31st Mar 2019 download
18th to 23rd Mar 2019 download
11th to 17th Mar 2019 download
04th to 10th Mar 2019 download
25th Feb-03rd Mar 2019 download
18th to 24th Feb 2019 download
14th to 20th Jan 2019 download
07th to 13th Jan 2019 download
31st Dec to 06 Jan 2019 download
05th-to-11th-Nov-2018 download
07th-13th-May-2018 download
23rd-to-29th-Apr-18 download
02nd-to-08th-April-18 download
19th-to-25th-mar-18 download
12th-to-18th-mar-18 download
29TH-jan-to-4TH-feb-18 download


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